Bar Wotever Throughout August

This month we have witnessed the incredible Sadie Sinner The Songbird host Bar Wotever every Tuesday night at our home of The Royal Vauxhall Tavern. We have seen powerful performances from  FKA, Symoné, and Life by Veronica so far this month and extra special performances from some of Burlesques top stars including Jessabelle Thunder- Voted one of LA’s top 13 burlesque performers by Time Out Magazine, and Rubyyy Jones – who won in the Burlesque Hall Of Fame category she went up for,  ‘Most Innovative’ this year… and we saw exactly WHY she won!

We have even more fabulous acts taking to the stage including Travis Alabanza (where you can buy their newly released Chapbook – tonight only) and Lasana Shabazz! We have already witnessed a performance from one residential performer – Benjamin Butch, and  next week,  we will see performances from Ebony Rose Dark and our newest resident – Katy Jalili, PLUS an extra special performance from Many Monika!

Every Tuesday we are gifted with the presence of, and a few songs sung by, Sadie Sinner The Songbird and our DJ’s will keep the celebrations going until midnight! Come down for a social, a good laugh, and to feel empowered!

If you fancy taking to the stage and want an open mic spot at a later event, please email us –

Image by Connie Taylor Photography



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