Bar Wotever – A Butch Boiz Take Over, or Why Live events are Important

This is what I wrote on our Bar Wotever Group earlier…


What a HOT Night that was!
Hot and a Hoot!

Queer Lives on stage, and off stage.
Super grateful for you our regulars who rushed your ‘just flown in friends’ so they could be part and see what Bar Wotever is all about.
Many Londoners there last night, but also so so many from the rest of UK, Europe, Aus, US, Asia and Africa. Proud to be part of something so so global and massively funny, sweet, sexy and silly at the same time with an urgency of Importance.

Because it is in these moments and meetings when we get together, we get nourished, we are fed and we can keep on going out facing all the hard work we need to do to get our future more and better for us all! Queers and Our Families, All People.

Big Up our DJ Bob Ravelli who now will work non stop to get American citizens in UK to vote! They are part of Democrats Abroad,https://www.facebook.com/DA.LGBT/. This election is beyond important for us all!

Also Big Up Mickel Smithen, who gave voice to Ebony_Rose_Dark in a very passionate Diversity and Black Lives Matters speech/act last night! We are part of change, and together we do create change!

On stage last night was songs about the broken relationship between UK and Europe, plus how to say – ‘I’ll come and fix your blocked Toilet’ in Spanish whilst flirting….

Butch Boiz where showcasing what they are about and once again, the mix of Silly & Fun, Mixed up perfectly with Songs/performance about how it is to live with and be bipolar, letting all your body count and sharing a variety of binary and nonbinary expressions and set ups.

Plus kudos for all who bring family members to Bar Wotever! Love that Mums, in the audience get thanks! Or you who tell your Queer Parents where to go and follow them and hold their hand. Being Queer is not only for one generation – it is for all, and the more we share our spaces between us and let people in to our lives, the more acceptance and understanding we get.

So, keep going to Live Events, meet people face to face, see acts with things to say and share. Engage in the World and Know YOU ARE POWER! You HAVE POWER! You are Change!

Thank You to Regina – Cabaret Artiste, Ren Datura, Flynn Rideher, Sammy Gill, Kamela Peace, Andy GarciaValarino – aka Dr Woof who hosted us all! Lysander Dove, Harry Venson, Jo Gattenberg -Who DJ’d and Keep on being the BEST DJ Coordinator/teacher!!
The Royal Vauxhall Tavern and All the Wotever World Plus YOU IN THE AUDIENCE!!!

See you all again next week!
Different set up, different acts, Same Power and Queer Family!

Bar Wotever Queer Top Notch Cabaret 11 oct
but first
some of us are travelling to Bristol for My Big Phat Gender Weekend | Sat 8 & Sun 9 October!

And Next Week we are also in Brighton! Two shows at The Marlborough!

Let’s make MORE!

//Ingo <3

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