Join us for our 13th Birthday! As we hit our teenage years, we have a spectacular line up of Bar Wotever favourites, including our host Rhys’ Pieces, Oedipussi, Eva Wonder, Zayn Phallic, Benjamin Butch, Ebony Rose Dark and more acts TBA! Yes, we’re having a party and YOU ARE INVITED!!


Meet the performers! <3

Our exceptional host for March, Rhys’ Pieces, will be bringing performance, charm, skills and fun to this birthday show! It will be their last stint at hosting this month and we want you all to come and celebrate with them.  rhys






Resident performer Zayn Phallic will be bringing something  something new to our stage for this event and we are excited to see what that may be!! zayn





Oedipussi!! Dazzlingly creative and hilariously funny!  Having delighted and surprised us with each act they have brought to us, we can barely contain ourselves to see what they have in store for us this time! oeid





Ebony Rose Dar, Our beloved resident performer will be back to celebrate with you! Bringing something new to our stage, this wonderfully consummate performer has lit up Bar Wotever every time she’s been with us. Come and join her, get that birthday feeling love!  ebon







Benjamin Butch another resident performer and all round drag king superstar will be back with us for this show! We love them as much as we know you do and can’t wait to see what they bring to the birthday party!  me







Eva Wonder –  A firm favourite at Bar Wotever over the past two years or so, they have delighted us with a range of performances that have blown the audiences away! What will they do this time? Come along and find out!








We will also have music played by the amazing Joe Pop and DJ Jo Bunny!! Plus, as always we will do community news and a party after the show! Come and help us celebrate! <3



25 March 2018

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