This message landed in our inbox the other week….
‘Hello Sweeities! How’s y?
Im a brazilian drag queen, and i’m in London till 4 of June, realaizing a artistic residence at Hornimam Museum and Garden about the queer scene in Brazil.
My friend J, from Hornimam told me about y and i will love if i have the opportunity to do something in the bar, specially cuz the Drag scene from London inspire A LOT the queens in Brazil!
So, if y think that is good, let me know and we talk about! Sadickisses’

We said YES! of course we said YES.

And this last Tuesday Aretha Sadick joined us on stage at Bar Wotever to the amazement for all who was there. Lovely performer and such a lovely human we are now glad to call a friend. We wish her all the best in her future career when she fly back home this weekend.

Aretha Sadick at Bar Wotever
Aretha Sadick at Bar Wotever

All the way from Brazil, the amazing Aretha.

With a sensuality that extended far beyond the confines of the stage, her radiance touched everyone in the room. And, well, so did she, meandering amond the audience and spreading a very special kind of love.’

See one of Arethas many videos on youtube here

2 June 2016

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