There is a new klub fukk coming up soon, and I get a lot of requests from interested possible punters.

Usually I get questions like ‘ I’m a ….(gender) …. (sexuality)…. Sub – would I be welcome?’  I rarely get questions from people describing themselves as Switches and/or Tops… goes figure… Answer is normally  Yes, as most respectful LGBT BDSM people are very welcome to klub fukk.

Today I got one I haven’t seen much of before…

‘Please send me some more information about Klub Fukk… how many women do you get there? I am a …. (gender)…. (sexuality)…. (Role)…. so happy with all sorts, but the trailer was sort of man heavy so just trying to find out if I’ll be out of place”

‘…but the trailer was sort of man heavy…’

READY?! from Wotever World on Vimeo.

I made the trailer – I know exactly how many men there is in it and how many who are not men… (answer is you can say about 80% of the people in the video does NOT ID as men)

Being Queer, Female,  Visible, and the problems we are having…
The above is a Comment abt the kf trailer.
Is it the actions done in the vid? The Toys we use?
The disguises we use or our fetishes…?
When Women Behave Differently! Not Expected.
If we say Woman friendly and the skirt you hook up to your hips is a kilt, the legs are muscular because of training and your cock is made of rubber… how much woman are you then if you get a blow job by a skinhead with bound down breasts hidden in a Fred Perry shirt and mega big kick ass boots… How much is the scene Women Friendly? ‘this scene is actually filmed as part of a bigger project/porn film called CuntCruising’

How many Women go to klub fukk?

And how do we Express ourselves as Women?

When at a sex club? Run by and with and in awe of Women – ALL KINDS OF WOMEN, Lesbian, Bi, Trans  and Queer Women AND men and trans*…

Where we are allowed to be allsorts of our dreams and fantasies. When we do what we want to do because we feel good about it! We feel strong, sexxy and hot as fukk!

And Women?

Being on the border I would say Im there and my  gender is F – but I’m so much more Trans and on a different kind of F. Im packing. I fukk. Im the Daddy.

———- IF you are interested in the next event, please email klubfukk [at] gmail [dot] com for more details. Or look at the event 17 October on this website———————–


23 September 2014

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