Female Masculinity Appreciation Society

I did not win, but I felt like the Biggest Winner of them all!

Yesterday Planet London hosted their 2nd Annual Community Awards ceremony. It was GALA! They hashtagged it #LesbianOscars,  in general terms it was an LBQ event. For all

It’s always nice to be asked…

A few months ago I was asked if I could help the Planet London women to present at their Awards Gala in November, and as

Queer Fayre

Ingo Chat with Lyndsay about QUEER FAYRE

Queer Fayre is Wotever World's crafts market/indoor boot-sale for and by queers, where many meet and sell their ware and collections.  Lindsay is a regular contributor

Handicraft and Vougeing

For you who do not know me Ingo, who run Queer Fayre and Wotever... I'm coming from North of Sweden where Handicraft is/was a lifestyle