Bar Wotever last week….

‘Last night I cried on stage. As did many of our acts. And in the audience. We held each other and we shared. As a promoter and organiser of events that draw big numbers of people who many times confess to me, that THIS is where they feel most at home. Most free to be themselves. Most Seen. Most True. My heart broke for the organisers of the event at Pulse last Saturday. It broke for all in the LGBTQ Latinx Community who went to Pulse now and then and felt at home, had fun, but also the nightclub who made them feel most at Home. Most True. They had a place to go to, a place that meant Home. And it broke for All in that club that night, who was there to be happy, seen, share and noticed. And it breaks my heart that this safe space, meeting place is now shattered from the event on Saturday night. So many lives taken and affected at a night for celebrations.’ Ingo


It was inevitable, of course, that when Bar Wotever with Smashlyn Monroe took place less than two days after one of the biggest anti-queer hate crimes in history it would leave an indelible mark. But what I think no-one expected is how it brought out so much more than despondent sorrow. This was a night of strength, of community, of warmth. It was a night of togetherness: togetherness in mutual grief, togetherness in power, in laughter, in dance and in sex. It was a night when all our emotions were allowed to run free, a river of pure catharsis flooding into a sea of hope.

No less than seven open mike slots, one of the biggest numbers in Bar Wotever history, barely felt enough to cover it all. Robin and Lil Lunatic, each performing here for the first time with completely new pieces, used spoken word poetry to address the enormity of what has happened. Ash, reborn like a phoenix, played beautiful, folk-tinged piano music, filled with fairy lights and hope. Australian star BenT brought his particular physique into his comedy, looking many ways for dick. Tara Fleur and Annabel made togetherness as much about sex and relationships as anything else, creating laughter in our shared experience of love, the internet, aging and breakups. And Helen Duff: Come With Me made it all the more intimate and cellular, clowning about sex and cheesy pick-up lines as a literal gamete. And all were recieved warmly, the sorrow as much as the orgasm what we all seemingly needed.

Instead of community news: a single candle, a moment of silence, holding hands, a new song about our beloved Wotever community drifting accross the speakers. And then the booked acts brought it home: Avery Edisonbringing dark humour into death, her deadpan voice evoking laughter in the face of tragedy. BABY LAME like they’ve never been before, almost sober, voice breaking in grief, dancing and telling a story of acceptance and love for all. Smashlyn Monroe, headlining, summed up the night with its most beautiful and horror-filled performance: a candle, the names of the victims, a vigil, sorrow’s tie and gag holding us in despair – and an umbrella filled with rainbow love and flowing ballet releasing us. Releasing us, it turns out, into straight into the artfully posed arms of Snake Boy Sunny, into whom all the strength and love and anger of the night seemed to flow, released in an amazingly tense display of rump-shaking belly dancing that had the whole room standing up and screaming and dancing along.

Something had palpably changed. At the end we were all standing there, angst turned to power, pouring disco defiance at the killer, at hate, at discord, a whole room so filled with loving resistance it was almost hard to breathe. Somehow, those hours of everything great Bar Wotever has to offer was the grief process we’d never known we all needed.

// Written b y Johan Palme and first published on our Wotever World Facebook Page

Here is a Donation page to Help staff and organisers at Pulse Nightclub when they try to rebuild this community venue/event!

Tuesday night saved my life.

‘I’ve been fairly stagnant, bored and boring recently. My sense of celebration was hibernating. But it all resurrected at Bar Wotever last night. Tuesday night saved my life.’

The most beautiful blog piece was written about this weeks Bar Wotever, in general someone arrived low and left on a high…. Why?Have a Read here, blog by ‘FuckYouIRockTheWorld’

Sydney and Jason
These are the Fab Organisers of The London Ball Thu 16th June! click on image for FB link to event.


Pictures by Goroyesque

From Thick Skin to Femme Armour

‘I am so very thrilled to announce my “From Thick Skin to Femme Armour” Europe Tour. This tour is an absolute dream come true, a dream 15-year old me conjured & secretly cherished, a dream older me relentless continued believing in.’

Wotever World present From Thick Skin to Femme Armour. Written and performed by Kama La Mackerel in her  London show on this tour. Kama’s current project, From Thick Skin to Femme Armour, seeks to visibilize and honour trans femme of colour resistance across history and in contemporary everyday life.

12717371_763056220491153_1608526728918667102_nKama La Mackerel is a Tio’tia:ke/Montreal-based community organizer, movement builder, writer, poet, story-teller, curator and multidisciplinary artist whose work focusses on narration and cultural production as modes of anti-colonial resistance. More about Kama
Tonight’s Queer Experiments will be dedicated to Kama La Mackerel and her piece, From Thick Skin to Femme Armour.

This is a lesson. This is inspiration!
This is love and collaboration.

Queer Experiments is an evening with talks, show and art by specially invited performers, writers and thinkers. Comedy. Performance art and visuals. Expect the unexpected. This event also see support from London Performer Lasana Shabazz

Event: 22 June, doors 7.30 with a  8pm start at Hackney Attic. Entry £8.


We Love RVT!

RVTAs of 9 September 2015, the RVT became the first building in the nation to be listed for its place in LGBTQ history and heritage.

It’s a brilliant recognition of the Tavern’s unique role in our country’s story, and also a vital protection against radical redevelopment.

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport confirmed the designation, which had been recommended by Historic England (formerly English Heritage).

Amy Lamé, co-founder and host of long-running RVT night Duckie, said:

“The listing is a fantastic milestone for our community and a victory against the odds for our beloved pub. We look forward to continuing our work to ensure the RVT remains a vibrant space of LGBTQ community and culture for generations to come. The RVT now joins New York’s Stonewall Inn, home of the gay liberation movement, in being officially recognised for its contribution to social history. We thank our many, many supporters from across London and further afield.”

The Guardian wrote about it and included a video very much filmed at Bar Wotever….

One Queer Space saved and home to our Tuesday nights!





Aretha Sadick

This message landed in our inbox the other week….
‘Hello Sweeities! How’s y?
Im a brazilian drag queen, and i’m in London till 4 of June, realaizing a artistic residence at Hornimam Museum and Garden about the queer scene in Brazil.
My friend J, from Hornimam told me about y and i will love if i have the opportunity to do something in the bar, specially cuz the Drag scene from London inspire A LOT the queens in Brazil!
So, if y think that is good, let me know and we talk about! Sadickisses’


We said YES! of course we said YES. And this last Tuesday Aretha Sadick joined us on stage at Bar Wotever to the amazement for all who was there. Lovely performer and such a lovely human we are now glad to call a friend. We wish her all the best in her future career when she fly back home this weekend.

Aretha Sadick at Bar Wotever
Aretha Sadick at Bar Wotever

All the way from Brazil, the amazing Aretha.

With a sensuality that extended far beyond the confines of the stage, her radiance touched everyone in the room. And, well, so did she, meandering amond the audience and spreading a very special kind of love.’

See one of Arethas many videos on youtube here

Expect the Unexpected

Tuesday nights have been dedicated to Bar Wotever in many of our lives over the years. At the moment we are having a massive upswing with great shows and high numbers of LGBTQ people from near and afar coming to us, making sure they are there in time to sit down and see the show, prepare their Community News and Meet old friends and make new ones… In between the acts Bar Wotever is a hot spot for Social Interactions…

Recently  someone pointed the Bar Wotever listing in Time Out London out for me. and it looks like we are many who’ve seen and appreciated the changes but also keep on doing what we do, provide a space and a stage for a variety of acts and performances as well as an audience week after week.

Sherika Sherard at Bar Wotever, started as Open Mic and is now an often requested returning artist we love to work with.
Sherika Sherard at Bar Wotever, started as Open Mic and is now an often requested returning artist we love to work with.

What people said about Bar Wotever lately…

‘Fabulous venue that is welcoming to all LGBTQIA and has the most exciting and varied shows.  No other place like it in London!’

‘There’s always something for everyone. Great music too. Welcoming and at times questioning. Last night singing,rapping, spoken word, drag and burlesque! What more do you want for a fiver.,’

‘Super-nice and friendly, always mindblowing performances in this great venue.’ Time Out

Every Week is different, so Expect the Unexpected!

See you Next Tuesday!


Glory Wotever

Last Glory Wotever  we did in early May was a cavalcade Poetry, Power and Politics, it was a Non Binary Cabaret and it all was brought by Great Acts. Handpicked and invited were some of our favourites, Dr Woof, The Phoenix, johnsmith, Maxi More, SJ Soulist, Baby Lame and Frankie Sinatra

This is what qx magazine said about the event:

‘The entire night was all embracing: in a scene that can be predominately focused on white, cis-gender gay men, to find a place where being Wotever is celebrated is something to be triumphant about. BRAVA.’ Read the whole review

Maxi More reaching out
Maxi More reaching out

Friction, A Review

Wotever World are involved in many things. One of the events we do an provide is a Sex Positive meeting space in a sauna for All sorts of women and people on the trans Spectrum. We do this because we want and we can… It is very liberating and now after been doing this for many years we have a loyal following of regulars who turn up again and again,

This piece/review was written by one of our regulars and sent to us after the event we did in March 2016. We do another one in May.

‘Friction is a wonderful thing. Friction creates heat. Friction creates sparks and when those sparks start to fly at the SWEAT night, it becomes a wonderful thing. Sweat has been going for a few years now. I’ve been attending since the start, and have had a great time on every visit.
The venue is spotlessly clean. With a steam room, sauna, a spacious communal shower, several private play cubicles and a huge communal bed, Sweat has something for everyone who comes and comes and comes… Sweat also has free refreshments, queer women-focused porn playing on screens throughout the venue, and a chill out space to cool down and chat.
Sweat has been a consistently good night out for the entirety of its existence. It is an event that’s unlike anything I’ve ever known. Despite the friendly creatures in the shadows of the steam room, and the wicked things I’ve done in the showers, Sweat feels safe for me. I feel safe enough to explore things with friends and strangers I’ve met there. I’ve also felt safe enough to not feel forced into anything I didn’t want to do; to say No, and to have that respected.

But let me tell you about the times I’ve said Yes. I’ve squished myself into a private cubicle with three friends, silently sighing as we stroked and touched each other with affectionate, determined hands. I’ve had sex in the steam room, where I was dominated by a woman who held me down and used friction to make us both come. I’ve had sex with folks that have made me grin all the way home. Sweat is an oasis in the desert that is sex-positive spaces for women, trans and queer folks. Come to Sweat and see why!’

Ingo Chat with Lyndsay about QUEER FAYRE

Lyndsay chat Queer FayreQueer Fayre is Wotever World’s crafts market/indoor boot-sale for and by queers, where many meet and sell their ware and collections.

 Lindsay is a regular contributor at Queer Fayre and over the years we’ve met at many Wotever events, but Queer Fayre stays a firm favourite for her, she says, because it’s community, friendly, daytime and accessible, and with great opportunities to meet up with and make friends with people of all ages.

 Lindsay, a keen vintage collector of all things queer, has been to pretty much all of them since the start, and she always has a great story to tell about the items on her table. 

 Queer Fayre is also a highlight for Rainbow Families, as kids are allowed, it is dog friendly when at RVT and used as a social meeting spot for many during the daytime. And, as Lindsay says, “a perfect place to pick up great gifts made by the people selling it.” 

 Queer sellers for queer buyers. And over the years we have seen all sorts of craft you rarely see elsewhere. 

 Queer Fayre is held regularly at Royal Vauxhall Tavern, and has recently launched at Hackney Attic. 

Our next event is at RVT, Saturday 7 May, between 1-6pm. 

See Chat here

Get our Popular Tshirt!

Happy Tshirt Shopping!Everyone asked for it – Now it’s here!

Wotever World is a Queer Art & Culture community
Since the start in 2003 we have created meeting spaces, shows, platforms and places for LGBTQ people & friends on a regular basis, mainly in London, but also all over Europe.

People who visited us and our events sometimes asked if we had any merchandise they could buy for themselves, or bring back home for friends and lovers… as memorabilia.

Last year, I designed the first ‘I am Wotever’ Tshirt and printed a few that I gave to crew and performers. It became very popular and many asked where they could get one too…. AND NOW YOU CAN!!

How to ORDER this and Other Wotever Merchandise